LiveVault Seeding Service

Quickly load your server data into the cloud

Are you new to HPE LiveVault and facing a slow initial back up?

Bandwidth limitations mean initial backups to offsite data vaults can sometimes take a long time to complete. But with the LiveVault Seeding Service, you can achieve your first backup quicker.

The LiveVault Seeding Service is simple. HPE sends you a pre-configured Turbo Restore Appliance™ (TRA) seeding device. You connect the device to your network, load your data onto the device and then ship it to the HPE data centre. HPE then creates your first backup by directly replicating the data from the TRA to the offsite data vault.

Once the data transfer is complete, you are ready to begin incremental backups using LiveVault.

  • Initial server backup is to a TRA seeding device, and then replicated to offsite data vault.
  • Initial backups of large volumes of data are completed faster than over the internet
  • Data is encrypted while in transit
  • Internet bandwidth remains available for other activities
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