LiveVault Turbo Restore Appliance

Onsite appliance for fast backup and restore

HPE LiveVault provides the option of placing TurboRestore™ Appliances (TRAs) at some or all of the sites where servers are backed up by LiveVault for local network speed backups and restores.

With the use of a TRA, servers are first backed up to the local appliance and then the appliance backs up over the internet to secure, mirrored and geographically dispersed data centres located in New Zealand.

TRAs are available in several capacities and are sized to hold several weeks or more of backup history, not just the most recent backup. TRAs permit fast restores at disk-to-disk local network speeds without sending data over bandwidth, allowing large amounts of data to be restored while meeting stringent Recovery Time Objectives.

  • Faster, local restores
  • Single onsite appliance protects multiple servers
  • Data is compressed and encrypted, just like vaulted data
  • LiveVault automatically restores from the closest location
  • Flexibility of backup schedules
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