My Cloud Storage

My Cloud Storage is a cost effective solution to protect large volumes of data (up to 48TB) in a Tier 3 data center hosted in NZ by HPE. It is a great opportunity to up-sell your existing hosted back-up solutions and reap the benefits of ongoing annuity based revenue for your business.
Provisioned in 2TB increments behind a My Cloud Essential or Flexi server, My Cloud Storage is perfect for providing offsite redundancy for existing back-up solutions you are providing to your customers. It is also great for customers that need to archive large volumes of older files offsite allowing them to free up space on internal storage.

  • Can be used with most current back-up software
  • Great solution for offsite document archive
  • Provisioned in 2 TB increments and can grow up to 48TB

What you need to know
  • My Cloud Storage is a stand alone product so cannot be provisioned with any other mycloudstore hosted storage
  • No back-up services are provided with My Cloud Storage
  • We’ll need 24 hrs notice to provision additional storage

Interested in My Cloud Storage?

Contact us to find a reseller.