Microsoft Teams – Targeting customers with My Insights

Microsoft Teams – Targeting customers with My Insights

Author: Microsoft – Shared by Amanda Chambers, Microsoft Modern Workplace BDM at Exeed NZ  

Targeting Customers with My Insights

Grow your teamwork practice with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365, is a platform to grow your teamwork practice through upsell, cross-sell, project and managed services opportunities that can drive new revenue and boost margins.

Identify opportunities with My Insights reports

My Insights dashboard provides a full view of your customers’ tenants and helps you understand how they use Office 365. To help you uncover opportunities within your existing customer base, My Insights give you the data needed to identify and target specific customer profiles that are ready for the next steps in their digital transformation.

How to uncover opportunities for Microsoft Teams with the My Insights dashboard:

1. Log in to your MPN account at

2. Under the Membership menu, select Your Accounts and Reports

3. Select My Insights to view the dashboard

4. In your My Insights dashboard, select the Cloud Product Performance tab

5. Select Office 365, then use Active Usage by Workload to explore all your customers’ usage by tenant and workload

6. Export the Active Usage by Workload from My Insights dashboard to identify opportunities within your current customer base

Identify customers who are likely to adopt Microsoft Teams

By targeting the right customers, you have the potential to boost your business with additional revenue by upselling Teams Calling, driving usage through Teams Meetings and Rooms, and managing migrations from Skype for Business to Teams.

Understand your customers’ journey in Microsoft Teams. The typical journey starts with Chat and Collaboration, then Meetings and Calling. With this progression in mind, you can tailor your customer engagements based on the usage data shown in the Office 365 Active Usage details dashboard as shown in the table below.

Customer Adoption stages on Teams Recommended engagement

Optimized customers: 40% or higher usageUpsell to Teams Calling
Core customers: 20% or higher usageUpsell to Teams Calling, and upsell to Teams Rooms to ensure the customer is leveraging Meetings capabilities
Initialized customers: Less than 20% active usageUpsell to Teams Rooms to ensure the customer is leveraging Meetings capabilities
Dormant customers: 0 – 1% active usageDrive adoption by showing the benefits of Chat and Collaboration. Leverage Meetings for higher usage.

If your customer has active usage in other workloads, especially Skype for Business but not Teams, start engaging with those customers and develop a transition plan to Teams.

For those customers that are part of the Microsoft automated upgrade from Skype for Business, leverage Microsoft assets to grow their Teams active usage.

For more information, watch the My Insights Video