Nerdio for WVD

Nerdio WVD
Nerdio’s Mission is to empower MSPs to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure

Nerdio is automation software which simplifies Microsoft Azure. We allow MSPs with little or no Azure experience to deploy and manage complex Azure environments with confidence and ease.


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Great Product Features

Four Things Your Customers Will Love


Automatically provision a complete IT environment in Azure within a few hours and without the need for an experienced engineer.


Nerdio's cost Estimator makes pricing Microsoft WVD services quick, easy, and error-free.


Easily manage your Azure users, desktops, servers, and more from one centralized location.


Nerdio's AutoScaling means you only pay for what you use, saving you and your customers money.

More Information

We are a fully White Label solution so our Azure management tools can fly your flag.

Our desire is to win your business everyday. As a result we make it simple and easy to remove our management layer while keeping the existing environment fully intact.

We help keep things secure by including Content & Threat Filtering, Nerdio's Security Score, and full Backup Integration with Azure.

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Exeed’s Mycloudstore marketplace portal was built with simple, but very robust, cloud services management in mind. Becoming a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with Mycloudstore will allow you to own the customer life cycle end to end from solutions to support to billing. With multiple touchpoints, you’ll build stronger relationships with your customers and spur deeper engagement.

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